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Both projects were designed by U.S. based landscape architects who were not familiar with our plant palettes grown by our local suppliers. Tshala Plant Brokers assisted the landscape contractor to suggest suitable replacement plants based on the availability in the local market guiding the landscape architect in selecting locally available plants without losing the feel and aesthetic envisioned by the designers.

In the case of the Swaziland project the vast amount of plant material required would have meant huge transport costs, to save the client these costs the landscape contractor set up a nursery in Swaziland, a year in advance to grow the required plants, to the landscape architect’s specifications, near the project. This involved contract growing of many species in plugs and small bags which was controlled and managed by Tshala Plant Brokers.

Address: 1 Sandton Drive, Sandton, South Africa as well as Swaziland Southern Africa.

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